Why Us?

  • Working with families to develop a treatment plan that is affordable and successful
  • Preventing decay through diet counselling, flouride applications and oral hygiene instruction
  • Choice of dental materials includes both silver and WHITE crowns or fillings
  • LASER surgery for "tongue tied" patients that is comfortable
  • Private general anaesthesia is available
  • Convenient appointments in a handicapped accessible office
  • Dr Sina uses the most up to date tools to gently and safely treat your child.

digitalDigital Radiography

Digital x-rays provide a much lower level of radiation than traditional x-rays. It is also important to note that every precaution is taken in order to minimize exposure to your child, including the use of a leaded thyroid collar.

IPlus LaseriPlus

The IPlus is a revolutionary tool for dentists that uses a unique combination of laser energy and water to perform many traditional dental procedures with fewer shots and less anesthesia.



The surest way to detect cavities

Dental patients place value on healthy and attractive teeth. In order to maintain them, the earliest possible care is essential.

DIAGNOdent helps Dr. Sina with early detection. Even the smallest lesions are detected at the earliest stage, enabling us to protect and preserve the tooth substance.